Supply chain management

TikWhat we do

The BOS Group represents major manufacturers, supporting them where their products are specified or suitable. Dealing with major owners and engineering houses operating in the Caspian region.Our experienced material specialists are able to offer independent and impartial advice on products and their application. Worldwide sourcing of materials enables us to procure competitively and speedily in order to meet the project requirements.


We specialize in supplying a full range of ITW Metal Jacketing Systems with PSMB coating used for protection of insulated pipework, equipment, storage tanks and columns. As well as supplying cladding in flat sheet or coil we also supply a range of profiles or corrugated materials.


We supply a full range of insulation accessory products including tapes, sheeting, Mylar foil, fasteners and washers, Mass loaded vinyl sheets, coated and uncoated glass fabrics and insulation inspection ports.

TikInsulation materials

We supply all types of insulation materials used for industrial applications including thermal, cryogenic and acoustic systems.

TikMechanical equipment

We represent Paccar Braden winches in the region, providing new product supply and spares.The Braden range of hydraulic winches offers probably the best product range in the world, with units to suit all applications.

TikHelp and advice

We are able to provide a full range of technical services related to supply packages, from product selection, analysis of quantities, through to shipping.